Friday, December 12, 2014

Trustify w.50

What we have done?
This week is the last before the final presentation so everything we have done is preparations for the presentation. We have decided on who are going to talk, because we think that not everyone can talk since we have movie that will take up most of the time there will not be much time left for talking. To make a better presentation we decided that two people from the group are going to talk: Lucy and Simon. We have also done a Powerpoint presentation to support their talking, but the presentation mainly consists of pictures to keep it simple and to not distract the audience. Our movie is divided into several small clips and we will explain a little in between them.

What we will do next week?
Do a kickass presentation that blows the audience away! Everyone is going to wish it is year 202 now so they can get our awesome product Trustify.
Challenges encountered?
No challenges.
Changes in the project?
No changes have been made to the project this week thankfully, it feels a bit late for those know!

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