Friday, December 12, 2014

Trust and Reputation systems w.50

The future of Trust and Reputation systems


The group was previously divided so that one part worked mostly with the book chapter and the other part with the infomercial and presentation. So this week it has been much to do for the latter part of the group and the others have filled in where needed.


This week most of the time has been spent on finishing the infomercial that is going to be a part of the final presentation. To begin with a storyboard and general design guides was set for the animation as described in last weeks blog post. Each member of the movie-group has been responsible for making parts of the infomercial. In the end of this week each result got its final touch and it all was assembled with the voiceover. After some mandatory software problem (maybe due to our lack of knowledge and usage of them before), we obtained an awesome infomercial! Here are some sneak preview pictures.


Simultaneously, the presentation has been taken form. Key-note slides has been made so it will be easier and more interesting to follow the presenters as they guide the audience through our project and the final result.

Now it’s just the final week left! The things left to do before the presentation is to prepare for it and make it run smooth and natural. We are also looking forward to the party afterward the presentations on Wednesday, a nice end to this course and (for most of us) the end of the last semester here at KTH.

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