Friday, December 5, 2014

Future of Trust - Trustify w.49

What we have done?

There were several deadline to follow this week, both regarding the article and final presentation. Since we have divided the work within the group and the collaboration between us has worked very good we are happy with our deliverables for the deadlines.
For the article we have finalized the last things such as references and adding expert interview into it, to strengthen our text.
Our movie for the final presentation is almost finished. Nearly all scenes are separated filmed and almost all are edited, which has been done in parallel. We are very satisfied so far with the movie and only some small changes need to be done before the presentation.
What we will do next week?
Next week is the last before the big presentation and our last chance to finish our work. We need to put together the final presentation and decide what to say and by who. Also create a short powerpoint to support our concept, before showing the movie. We have been discussing having some more attributes on stage to make it more realistic, but we are not sure yet.
Challenges encountered?
No challenges.
Changes in the project?
No changes has been made to the project this week.

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  1. Looks like it's going really well in your group. Very good. Keep it up!