Thursday, December 4, 2014

Share Your Life Status Report week 49

This week we have put in a lot of work to finish our book chapter, and we feel really happy about what have managed to put together.

We have also cut and finalized editing the movie, which we filmed last Friday. It turned out really well! The work that still remains is the recording of the voice-over, and producing the sound to make it all complete. We are meeting up already Friday this week (today) to get started on that. 

We did some of the recordings in the VIC studio at KTH

The film was made to purposely fit our idea for the presentation - a talk show. Our group will be the last group to present, so we wanted to do something with an interesting format. We also believe it fits our project really well, as we want to visualize the views of the different stakeholders in our program; the Share Your Life - system/organization, the researcher, the medical doctors/clinics, and the important data-donors.

We wanted to find a carpet for the presentation to make F1 (if possible) feel more cozy and like a talk show studio, and with the excellent help of Malin and Daniel we have found a great carpet-candidate. We are also today (Friday) checking out F1 to see if it is feasible to have a talk-show studio there. Keep your fingers crossed that we do not find any vicious problems….

The plan for next week is to finish up the film, and set the final details for the presentation. We will be ready to deliver everything to the Presentation Master by the deadline next Friday.

We are really looking forward to seeing the results of what everybody has been working so hard on this period!


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  1. Sounds good! Glad the carpet might work. We are keeping our fingers crossed!