Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Future of 3D-printing Weekly Report w. 50

This week

We have put a lot of energy in video editing since we have a animated video that will be almost 5 minutes long in our presentation. We have written scripts and recorded some voice overs for the video. We are satisfied with the result and are looking forward to show it in the next week!

We have also visited 3Dverkstan this week 11/12 and got instructed of how to use a 3D-printer. We also got to borrow one printer that we will use at the presentation, in order to print something live. One problem is that we can only print a really really small object within the presentation time-frame. We are thinking of printing a small part to a bigger object that we can put together in the end. Hopefully it will be appreciated by the audience that’s not very familiar to 3D-printing, and add some extra dynamic to the presentation overall. We are also planning on having some printed objects with us as well, that’s related to our catastrophe scenario in order for the audience to better visualize the possibilities of 3D-printing.

Here we are being instructed by Johan at 3Dverkstan

We are going to print everything..

We have prepared full scripts for the members that will present our project and made some pictures to have on a slideshow related to the topics discussed. We will keep some rehearsals in the weekend to make sure the performance will be well prepared.

Recording some voice overs

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