Friday, December 12, 2014

Crowd Surveillance w50

Well, we are done. Basically. The presentation is ready; slides to introduce the work and a fairly long video to explain it and hopefully come across as thought-provoking. We shall see. If not, we will live out the rest of this year in shame.

We went into this week with most of the video done, what was left was adding some "interviews" to the end to inject some reflection on what we are suggesting. Not much problem with that.

Then there was some slides to create, since we wanted to give the video some context before we show it. To prime the audience for it. Its spare and simple, but effective to our minds.

Our presentation will not be very selling, but we are not trying to convince the audience our idea is good, just that it might work. And that that is a little scary.

Shared Urban Farming - w. 50

The final presentation is coming closer and we are really looking forward to present our final version of Shared Urban Farming. Our group is very pleased with this fall's performance and we have worked well together. 

This week's work was to make a PP to next wednesday and to make some final changes in our animated movie. The presentation will focus on presenting our application that enables Shared Urban Farming, and the animated video will present different scenarios describing when to use to application. 


Thank you for a great semester and we are looking forward to see the presentations next week!! :) 

Shenergy - the Future of a Sustainable Shared Economy (Week 50)

What we have done
We have finished editing the two movies that will be included in our presentation. This has taken a lot of time, since there have been some technical issues. We have also made up planes for how we are going to present our concept and we have decided to do the presentation like a “afternoon show” where there will be a show host and two guests, the creator of our application and a politician. For the show we have written a script, created a background image that will be shown on the screens during the presentation and also created a jingle.

What we will do
Next, we will focus on rehearsing for the presentation. Since we’ve decided to go with a more creative presentation style, it will not only need rehearsal for doing a good presentation but also for the acting part. None of us are especially used to acting, but if we put some time into it, we will hopefully manage to do good next wednedsay.

Challenges encountered
To get the videos completely done has been much more time consuming than we initially thought. It really took a lot of time to work with the videos, to find music and to handle the large movie files when the memory on our computers are far too small. Eventually this worked out fine!

Now this course, The Future of Media, is comming to an end and the presentation next wednesday is a great way to wrap everything up. We are looking forward to see the results and presentations of every other group, and also to hear some thoughts on our own project.

Future of Information Sharing - EyeTag - w. 50

What have we done? This week we started tightening the bolts on the ship that we call the final presentation for EyeTag. We have divided up the work as to be as efficient as possible. One group filmed, one group animated and one group made the powerpoint magic that is to be presented next week. The mood and feeling in the group is good. Confidence levels are up and we feel that Wednesday can't come soon enough. That's pretty much it.

Keep on rocking.


Trust and Reputation systems w.50

The future of Trust and Reputation systems


The group was previously divided so that one part worked mostly with the book chapter and the other part with the infomercial and presentation. So this week it has been much to do for the latter part of the group and the others have filled in where needed.


This week most of the time has been spent on finishing the infomercial that is going to be a part of the final presentation. To begin with a storyboard and general design guides was set for the animation as described in last weeks blog post. Each member of the movie-group has been responsible for making parts of the infomercial. In the end of this week each result got its final touch and it all was assembled with the voiceover. After some mandatory software problem (maybe due to our lack of knowledge and usage of them before), we obtained an awesome infomercial! Here are some sneak preview pictures.


Simultaneously, the presentation has been taken form. Key-note slides has been made so it will be easier and more interesting to follow the presenters as they guide the audience through our project and the final result.

Now it’s just the final week left! The things left to do before the presentation is to prepare for it and make it run smooth and natural. We are also looking forward to the party afterward the presentations on Wednesday, a nice end to this course and (for most of us) the end of the last semester here at KTH.

Trustify w.50

What we have done?
This week is the last before the final presentation so everything we have done is preparations for the presentation. We have decided on who are going to talk, because we think that not everyone can talk since we have movie that will take up most of the time there will not be much time left for talking. To make a better presentation we decided that two people from the group are going to talk: Lucy and Simon. We have also done a Powerpoint presentation to support their talking, but the presentation mainly consists of pictures to keep it simple and to not distract the audience. Our movie is divided into several small clips and we will explain a little in between them.

What we will do next week?
Do a kickass presentation that blows the audience away! Everyone is going to wish it is year 202 now so they can get our awesome product Trustify.
Challenges encountered?
No challenges.
Changes in the project?
No changes have been made to the project this week thankfully, it feels a bit late for those know!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Share Your Life blog post week 50

This week we started off with recording narration to our video with a super expensive microphone. We have also made a cool and futuristic soundtrack to fit the theme. After some extra editing, color adjustments and syncing the video with the audio we are happy with the results.

With the text and the video “out-of-the-way”, we have been able to put all our energy into the presentation and how we want to do that. We have realized that six and a half minutes (which is what we have left for our presentation after the dedicated video-time) go by very quickly, and it is important to think about what you want to say in order to get the message through.

Friday last week, we went to check out F1 to see if we could fit a carpet for our talk show but decided that it simply does not fit. We will have a stand-up show instead, which will also be great. 
We have very much enjoyed working together on this project in our group. It has been a productive group work and everybody has been contributing to the final products. We hope that the presentation goes well on Wednesday, and it is going to be so much fun to see what everybody has been doing!