Thursday, December 11, 2014

Future of media companies, week 50

During this week we have started to work and finished our movie. We met up at monday and wrote the skript. It was finished quite fast since we already had talked a lot about how the film should play out during the working period and the whole group were on the same page regarding all the deceptions we had to make. We decided to present the project with a documentary containing interviews with people, representatives from different groups belonging to our topic ”the media industry”. 

At Wednesday we started to film. Since our movie is a documentary, it didn't require a big amount of rekvisita. The fact, that we didn't have to spend much time searching rekvisita, actors and facilities gave us more time to make a good movie.

Today (Thursday) we are making the finishing touches to finalizing the movie; clipping, sound editing and additional pictures.

We don't want to reveal to much about or movie, we leave it as a cliffhanger until the presentation next week ;)

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