Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Future of 3D-printing Weekly Report w. 49

This week
This week we have spent most time adjusting in our report and shortened a lot of text. During this process we came to the conclusion that “Sav3D” - (Salvaging aid vehicle 3D) was not a suitable name since the “v” (vehicle) emphasizes the headquarters as the focus. To us “Sav3D” is more the whole collaborative system more of the focus, why we decided to change the name to “R3D” - (Recovery 3D). We are happy with the result and made some great new illustrations of how R3D’s system works, and it’s mobile/desktop applications.

                                                        R3D - The headquarters

                                                           R3D - The system

                                             Mobile application for local citizens

                                             Desktop application for global support

We held one meeting this week 2/12 to sync the progress in the report with the presentation-group. We didn't encounter any problems, at this state in the process we all have the same picture of what this project is and how it will look like in the end. The process is very smooth and we are satisfied with the way we work in the group.

Since we had split into one presentation group and one report writing group, everyone have directed the focus to the presentation now. We are currently working on two film clips for the presentation. One short intro, and one animated clip that will demonstrate how R3D works. At first we had planned to film the second movie clip, but found some great inspiration of a theme for how we could animate it and reach a better end result. While two members are working on them, the rest will write the script for the presentation the following week.

Next week
We have been in contact with the Daniel Ljungstig at 3Dverkstan about access to a 3D-printer for the presentation. Next week we will go to 3Dverkstan and get instructed in how to use a 3D-printer and lend one for the presentation. Our hopes is to print something during the presentation, it might get difficult due to the tight time schedule. But we feel it would add a lot to the presentation experience.
Next week we will also finish the films and the script between and after the films.

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  1. Sounds exciting and fun. Good luck with the continuation of the work!