Friday, December 5, 2014

Future of information sharing w. 49 - EyeTag

What have we done this week? A lot.

We changed the basic premise of our product to cater to the spearhead we chose a few weeks ago. We wanted to focus on collaboration and hence we have made the product more related to social media than an encyclopedia to achieve this. We are very pleased with the end result. But, no more spoilers here! (except for the photo!!)

Furthermore, we finished the report this week, and obviously due to changes made this week (read the one above) we had to stall some parts of it. It worked out pretty good and the report will make a fine addition to the plethora of nice reports this course has seen over the years.

For next week we will start the execution process of the presentation. It has been in the theoretic stage thus far and we now have internal deadlines to be finished with the whole presentation in good time before the deadline to Weinl (12/5). Other than that, there isn't much to say. No major problems arose, no incidents, nothing. We are all looking forward to what next week has to offer us.

Oh yeah, we changed the project name from information 2.0 to EyeTag. EyeTag, do you? 

"To infinity and beyond!"

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