Friday, December 12, 2014

Shenergy - the Future of a Sustainable Shared Economy (Week 50)

What we have done
We have finished editing the two movies that will be included in our presentation. This has taken a lot of time, since there have been some technical issues. We have also made up planes for how we are going to present our concept and we have decided to do the presentation like a “afternoon show” where there will be a show host and two guests, the creator of our application and a politician. For the show we have written a script, created a background image that will be shown on the screens during the presentation and also created a jingle.

What we will do
Next, we will focus on rehearsing for the presentation. Since we’ve decided to go with a more creative presentation style, it will not only need rehearsal for doing a good presentation but also for the acting part. None of us are especially used to acting, but if we put some time into it, we will hopefully manage to do good next wednedsay.

Challenges encountered
To get the videos completely done has been much more time consuming than we initially thought. It really took a lot of time to work with the videos, to find music and to handle the large movie files when the memory on our computers are far too small. Eventually this worked out fine!

Now this course, The Future of Media, is comming to an end and the presentation next wednesday is a great way to wrap everything up. We are looking forward to see the results and presentations of every other group, and also to hear some thoughts on our own project.

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