Friday, December 12, 2014

Crowd Surveillance w50

Well, we are done. Basically. The presentation is ready; slides to introduce the work and a fairly long video to explain it and hopefully come across as thought-provoking. We shall see. If not, we will live out the rest of this year in shame.

We went into this week with most of the video done, what was left was adding some "interviews" to the end to inject some reflection on what we are suggesting. Not much problem with that.

Then there was some slides to create, since we wanted to give the video some context before we show it. To prime the audience for it. Its spare and simple, but effective to our minds.

Our presentation will not be very selling, but we are not trying to convince the audience our idea is good, just that it might work. And that that is a little scary.

Shared Urban Farming - w. 50

The final presentation is coming closer and we are really looking forward to present our final version of Shared Urban Farming. Our group is very pleased with this fall's performance and we have worked well together. 

This week's work was to make a PP to next wednesday and to make some final changes in our animated movie. The presentation will focus on presenting our application that enables Shared Urban Farming, and the animated video will present different scenarios describing when to use to application. 


Thank you for a great semester and we are looking forward to see the presentations next week!! :) 

Shenergy - the Future of a Sustainable Shared Economy (Week 50)

What we have done
We have finished editing the two movies that will be included in our presentation. This has taken a lot of time, since there have been some technical issues. We have also made up planes for how we are going to present our concept and we have decided to do the presentation like a “afternoon show” where there will be a show host and two guests, the creator of our application and a politician. For the show we have written a script, created a background image that will be shown on the screens during the presentation and also created a jingle.

What we will do
Next, we will focus on rehearsing for the presentation. Since we’ve decided to go with a more creative presentation style, it will not only need rehearsal for doing a good presentation but also for the acting part. None of us are especially used to acting, but if we put some time into it, we will hopefully manage to do good next wednedsay.

Challenges encountered
To get the videos completely done has been much more time consuming than we initially thought. It really took a lot of time to work with the videos, to find music and to handle the large movie files when the memory on our computers are far too small. Eventually this worked out fine!

Now this course, The Future of Media, is comming to an end and the presentation next wednesday is a great way to wrap everything up. We are looking forward to see the results and presentations of every other group, and also to hear some thoughts on our own project.

Future of Information Sharing - EyeTag - w. 50

What have we done? This week we started tightening the bolts on the ship that we call the final presentation for EyeTag. We have divided up the work as to be as efficient as possible. One group filmed, one group animated and one group made the powerpoint magic that is to be presented next week. The mood and feeling in the group is good. Confidence levels are up and we feel that Wednesday can't come soon enough. That's pretty much it.

Keep on rocking.


Trust and Reputation systems w.50

The future of Trust and Reputation systems


The group was previously divided so that one part worked mostly with the book chapter and the other part with the infomercial and presentation. So this week it has been much to do for the latter part of the group and the others have filled in where needed.


This week most of the time has been spent on finishing the infomercial that is going to be a part of the final presentation. To begin with a storyboard and general design guides was set for the animation as described in last weeks blog post. Each member of the movie-group has been responsible for making parts of the infomercial. In the end of this week each result got its final touch and it all was assembled with the voiceover. After some mandatory software problem (maybe due to our lack of knowledge and usage of them before), we obtained an awesome infomercial! Here are some sneak preview pictures.


Simultaneously, the presentation has been taken form. Key-note slides has been made so it will be easier and more interesting to follow the presenters as they guide the audience through our project and the final result.

Now it’s just the final week left! The things left to do before the presentation is to prepare for it and make it run smooth and natural. We are also looking forward to the party afterward the presentations on Wednesday, a nice end to this course and (for most of us) the end of the last semester here at KTH.

Trustify w.50

What we have done?
This week is the last before the final presentation so everything we have done is preparations for the presentation. We have decided on who are going to talk, because we think that not everyone can talk since we have movie that will take up most of the time there will not be much time left for talking. To make a better presentation we decided that two people from the group are going to talk: Lucy and Simon. We have also done a Powerpoint presentation to support their talking, but the presentation mainly consists of pictures to keep it simple and to not distract the audience. Our movie is divided into several small clips and we will explain a little in between them.

What we will do next week?
Do a kickass presentation that blows the audience away! Everyone is going to wish it is year 202 now so they can get our awesome product Trustify.
Challenges encountered?
No challenges.
Changes in the project?
No changes have been made to the project this week thankfully, it feels a bit late for those know!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Share Your Life blog post week 50

This week we started off with recording narration to our video with a super expensive microphone. We have also made a cool and futuristic soundtrack to fit the theme. After some extra editing, color adjustments and syncing the video with the audio we are happy with the results.

With the text and the video “out-of-the-way”, we have been able to put all our energy into the presentation and how we want to do that. We have realized that six and a half minutes (which is what we have left for our presentation after the dedicated video-time) go by very quickly, and it is important to think about what you want to say in order to get the message through.

Friday last week, we went to check out F1 to see if we could fit a carpet for our talk show but decided that it simply does not fit. We will have a stand-up show instead, which will also be great. 
We have very much enjoyed working together on this project in our group. It has been a productive group work and everybody has been contributing to the final products. We hope that the presentation goes well on Wednesday, and it is going to be so much fun to see what everybody has been doing!  

The Future of 3D-printing Weekly Report w. 50

This week

We have put a lot of energy in video editing since we have a animated video that will be almost 5 minutes long in our presentation. We have written scripts and recorded some voice overs for the video. We are satisfied with the result and are looking forward to show it in the next week!

We have also visited 3Dverkstan this week 11/12 and got instructed of how to use a 3D-printer. We also got to borrow one printer that we will use at the presentation, in order to print something live. One problem is that we can only print a really really small object within the presentation time-frame. We are thinking of printing a small part to a bigger object that we can put together in the end. Hopefully it will be appreciated by the audience that’s not very familiar to 3D-printing, and add some extra dynamic to the presentation overall. We are also planning on having some printed objects with us as well, that’s related to our catastrophe scenario in order for the audience to better visualize the possibilities of 3D-printing.

Here we are being instructed by Johan at 3Dverkstan

We are going to print everything..

We have prepared full scripts for the members that will present our project and made some pictures to have on a slideshow related to the topics discussed. We will keep some rehearsals in the weekend to make sure the performance will be well prepared.

Recording some voice overs

The Future of Motivation weekly report w. 50

This week we have been working mainly on our video, we shot the biggest part of our footage on Monday and finished with some corrections today.

We wrote an exhaustive script for the voiceover and we had to learn how to use some features on After Effect to make our video more clear and appealing.

At the moment we are recording the voiceover and we are planning to do the biggest part of the editing and final touches tomorrow.
We are quite proud of the current result though we kept this production pretty low budget!

Moreover we started sketching the speech of the presentation according to slides and what is not covered by the voiceover in the video.
Here is the script for our speech that is gonna be presented by Natalia and Matteo, very briefly, essentially and as more exhaustive as possible.

Future of media companies, week 50

During this week we have started to work and finished our movie. We met up at monday and wrote the skript. It was finished quite fast since we already had talked a lot about how the film should play out during the working period and the whole group were on the same page regarding all the deceptions we had to make. We decided to present the project with a documentary containing interviews with people, representatives from different groups belonging to our topic ”the media industry”. 

At Wednesday we started to film. Since our movie is a documentary, it didn't require a big amount of rekvisita. The fact, that we didn't have to spend much time searching rekvisita, actors and facilities gave us more time to make a good movie.

Today (Thursday) we are making the finishing touches to finalizing the movie; clipping, sound editing and additional pictures.

We don't want to reveal to much about or movie, we leave it as a cliffhanger until the presentation next week ;)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Shenergy - the Future of a Sustainable Shared Economy (Week 49)

What we have done
This week we have focused on finishing the report and continue editing the movie for the final presentation. We have played around in the editing programs and looked on YouTube-tutorials to learn how to do create different effects when editing the movie. Except for that, we have written the final manuscript for the voice over that a friend of ours will read. Also, we have started listening through music that we are going to use in the movie. Further we have been working with the images for the report, deciding which ones we want to include and creating some new ones. We have come up with a rough idea about our live presentation which will include some roleplay. We have discussed how to integrate the movie in the presentation. One idea was to cut the movie into two parts for the presentation, one explaining the scenario and the other more informative. The thought behind this is to be able to show one part and then explain the concept further before showing the second part.

We have also been to the proofreading session where we read through some other groups’ reports and we also got feedback on our.

What we will do
Now when the report is done we have planned to focus on the movie and the final presentation. During the weekend and next week we will finish the movie, making the final cuts and adding the last effects. This evening the voice over for the movie will be recorded and hopefully added to the movie during the weekend. We still have to create some illustrations for the movie and also add all the animations that we want to show. Regarding the final presentation we will write a manuscript for the roleplay and divide roles.

Challenges encountered
Editing the movie is far more time consuming than we expected, we realise that we will have to spend days and nights working with this to be able to finish it before next friday.  Since we have not made that many movies before we have realized that we should have done a couple of more shots of some of the scenes. We have a lot of material but one of the scenes we have filmed has some flaws that we missed when recording.

Changes in the project
No major changes have been done in the project more than split the movie as mentioned, into two different parts, one as an introduction and the other one as an information-movie. Since this division will work better with our presentation plans.

The future of Trust and Reputation systems W.49

What we have done


The larger focus has been on completing the chapter for the book about trust and reputation systems. We have however completed a script for the movie and decided on how we together can divide the creation of the infomercial. Since we are gonna animate the movie without “real” footage we have decided on color scheme, fonts and practical information so that we can divide the work evenly between the people creating the infomercial. With the script finished we can now begin animations. There is not a lot of time left so full focus and the entire movie-team collaborating together will be of great importance. We will use the program called After Effects to create the projects in smaller parts and then assemble all parts in Adobe Premier. We believe that we in this way can work faster and more efficiently.

Book Report

Since last week a lot of time has been put on finalizing the report, with correcting and proofreading it. It has been an iterative process. We have also added images that we hope can help the reader to understand our vision of the Identity bank along with our vision for the future of trust and reputation systems. We are finished with our chapter of the book which means that the focus now is on the infomercial, the video for our presentation, and the content of the presentation, how we want to present our idea to the audience.

What we will do

Since the deadline of the book was yesterday, the focus is now on the presentation and the creation of the infomercial. Editing the infomercial will take up most of the time at first since this will be the foundation for the presentation of our product Identity Bank. The important part now is to ensure that our vision will be presented in the presentation. Besides that there is not much more for us to do since the course is close to an end.

Challenges encountered

Since all the deadlines are closing by stress is a big factor. It seems that we as a group have worked well together to help each other out which of course have relieved ourselves of the worst pressure. The big challenge of the week was however putting all the pieces together into one final vision. We are however happy with the result and the way we achieved the result.

Changes in the project

There have not been any changes in the project. We have rather made an attempt to specify the end result of the project.

Future of Work and Labour w.48-49

What we have done

These weeks we have worked mostly on the chapter text for the books. We all did research and wrote some part of the text. Then after that was finished we decided ourselves into two groups. On working on finishing the text and another to start with the presentation. For the text we also made som images and Illustrations that showed of our idea and how it could look like.

Pictures of some of the Illustrations:

What we will do

Next week we will have to start making the things we need for the presentation.

Challenges encountered

For this week we haven't had time to meet up with the whole group and discuss some of the things we need to get done and therefore this will be postpone until next week.

Changes in the project 

There has been no changes in the project.

Future of Trust - Trustify w.49

What we have done?

There were several deadline to follow this week, both regarding the article and final presentation. Since we have divided the work within the group and the collaboration between us has worked very good we are happy with our deliverables for the deadlines.
For the article we have finalized the last things such as references and adding expert interview into it, to strengthen our text.
Our movie for the final presentation is almost finished. Nearly all scenes are separated filmed and almost all are edited, which has been done in parallel. We are very satisfied so far with the movie and only some small changes need to be done before the presentation.
What we will do next week?
Next week is the last before the big presentation and our last chance to finish our work. We need to put together the final presentation and decide what to say and by who. Also create a short powerpoint to support our concept, before showing the movie. We have been discussing having some more attributes on stage to make it more realistic, but we are not sure yet.
Challenges encountered?
No challenges.
Changes in the project?
No changes has been made to the project this week.

Future of information sharing w. 49 - EyeTag

What have we done this week? A lot.

We changed the basic premise of our product to cater to the spearhead we chose a few weeks ago. We wanted to focus on collaboration and hence we have made the product more related to social media than an encyclopedia to achieve this. We are very pleased with the end result. But, no more spoilers here! (except for the photo!!)

Furthermore, we finished the report this week, and obviously due to changes made this week (read the one above) we had to stall some parts of it. It worked out pretty good and the report will make a fine addition to the plethora of nice reports this course has seen over the years.

For next week we will start the execution process of the presentation. It has been in the theoretic stage thus far and we now have internal deadlines to be finished with the whole presentation in good time before the deadline to Weinl (12/5). Other than that, there isn't much to say. No major problems arose, no incidents, nothing. We are all looking forward to what next week has to offer us.

Oh yeah, we changed the project name from information 2.0 to EyeTag. EyeTag, do you? 

"To infinity and beyond!"

Future of crowdwork w 49

We’re watching the end of the tunnel of this project from an assured distance, and we are happy (and terrified) about the outcome, when we finally might be confident to say there are really things in this project which have potential in the reality, when we’re watching each others asses through technology.
But there’s a little time left, and some more things to do before we will call the project finished.

However, this is what we’ve been doing this week:
The final article is completed, in which case the first draft. We have been working with putting the texts together and tied up the bag, writing an introduction and manage a good reading flow and disposition to the article. We also managed to complete it below the limit of 18000 characters. Thanks to google, we could all manage, comment, proofread eachother at the same time, and we had some late night sessions this week. We have also made graphics and images, matching the final books graphical profile, and selecting quotes from the text for the article. The outline of how the presentation will be performed: 2 min slides + about 6 min movie + and the rest of the time is for questions. This week, the first draft of the movie intro was composed. Más o menos, two thirds of the movie is completed excluding some fixes and updates.
It’s friday, just before lunch, when I’m writing this blog-post and we still have the proofreading session with the other groups to do before the weekend. Let’s see the outcome of that.

Next weeks tasks:
Finalize the movie production
Slides for the presentation

Future of media companies, week 48

The way we came up with or product was by looking a different social and technical trends that will emerge in the future. Our product is a solution for the media business to work around that people illegally share files and an adaptation the the society 2025. So for us to explain the product we also needed to explain the society the product will work in and also the technical developments merged with the society 2025. This are the main reasons why our product will interact with the users the way it does. So this week we have been working on finishing the report. Trying to in an interesting way explain our conclusion of the media business in 2015. How and why the product will work in 2025. Last week we divided up different parts in the group to write about. The main thing this week was to rewrite and go through the text to make it interesting and understandable for the reader. 

We have also created pictures to use in the report, so the reader easily could get the picture of how the product is working. We have made one example of the advertisement features in the product, that differs a lot from todays advertisement. The picture blow is an example of how the platform will look like. 

For next week we have decided dates on when to film the different scenes and when to edit the movie. We will also keep working on the final presentation. 

Future of shared urban farming week 49

What we have done

This week we have had two group meetings. We have been working with the report for the book and have also made prototypes of the application which we are going to use in the book and for the presentation. The program we have chosen to use for the prototypes is “Just in Mind.”

We have also started working with the films that we are going to use for the presentation. Since none of us have that much experience in movie making we have chosen to use the program “Powtoon” to make animations. The movie about the scenarios is almost done, but the work with the introduction movie has not started yet.

Pictures of the prototype:

What we will do

Next week we need to finish both of the movies, make the power point and decide who is going to talk about what in the final presentation.

Challenges encountered

We have had some trouble this week with the programs we are using. For example we realized that we had to buy a prescription of Powtoon to be able to download our movies in HD. We have also had some trouble with the prototypes of the application since they become too small when we saved them as images.

Changes in the project 

There isn’t any changes in the project.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Share Your Life Status Report week 49

This week we have put in a lot of work to finish our book chapter, and we feel really happy about what have managed to put together.

We have also cut and finalized editing the movie, which we filmed last Friday. It turned out really well! The work that still remains is the recording of the voice-over, and producing the sound to make it all complete. We are meeting up already Friday this week (today) to get started on that. 

We did some of the recordings in the VIC studio at KTH

The film was made to purposely fit our idea for the presentation - a talk show. Our group will be the last group to present, so we wanted to do something with an interesting format. We also believe it fits our project really well, as we want to visualize the views of the different stakeholders in our program; the Share Your Life - system/organization, the researcher, the medical doctors/clinics, and the important data-donors.

We wanted to find a carpet for the presentation to make F1 (if possible) feel more cozy and like a talk show studio, and with the excellent help of Malin and Daniel we have found a great carpet-candidate. We are also today (Friday) checking out F1 to see if it is feasible to have a talk-show studio there. Keep your fingers crossed that we do not find any vicious problems….

The plan for next week is to finish up the film, and set the final details for the presentation. We will be ready to deliver everything to the Presentation Master by the deadline next Friday.

We are really looking forward to seeing the results of what everybody has been working so hard on this period!


The Future of 3D-printing Weekly Report w. 49

This week
This week we have spent most time adjusting in our report and shortened a lot of text. During this process we came to the conclusion that “Sav3D” - (Salvaging aid vehicle 3D) was not a suitable name since the “v” (vehicle) emphasizes the headquarters as the focus. To us “Sav3D” is more the whole collaborative system more of the focus, why we decided to change the name to “R3D” - (Recovery 3D). We are happy with the result and made some great new illustrations of how R3D’s system works, and it’s mobile/desktop applications.

                                                        R3D - The headquarters

                                                           R3D - The system

                                             Mobile application for local citizens

                                             Desktop application for global support

We held one meeting this week 2/12 to sync the progress in the report with the presentation-group. We didn't encounter any problems, at this state in the process we all have the same picture of what this project is and how it will look like in the end. The process is very smooth and we are satisfied with the way we work in the group.

Since we had split into one presentation group and one report writing group, everyone have directed the focus to the presentation now. We are currently working on two film clips for the presentation. One short intro, and one animated clip that will demonstrate how R3D works. At first we had planned to film the second movie clip, but found some great inspiration of a theme for how we could animate it and reach a better end result. While two members are working on them, the rest will write the script for the presentation the following week.

Next week
We have been in contact with the Daniel Ljungstig at 3Dverkstan about access to a 3D-printer for the presentation. Next week we will go to 3Dverkstan and get instructed in how to use a 3D-printer and lend one for the presentation. Our hopes is to print something during the presentation, it might get difficult due to the tight time schedule. But we feel it would add a lot to the presentation experience.
Next week we will also finish the films and the script between and after the films.

The Future of Motivation weekly report w. 49

As we foresaw last week we finished our article and we will hand it in tomorrow.
We spent a lot of time revising and rewriting the text to make it more fluid and catchy as possible.
The biggest change we made in our You-Topia concept has being defining the hierarchy of certificates and awards that the user would acquire during her/his progression.

Another important part of this week's work has been creating the images that will complement our article. Among them we created the absolute definitive interface of You-Topia featuring Profile, Missions and Feedback/Performance trying to keep the design as linear and user-friendly as possible.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we have planned 3 group meetings to plan and schedule the main shooting session that will probably take place on next Monday. We decided that despite the concept of an interactive video was particularly engaging and fun we will probably shoot short frames showing good and bad actions that will be recorded on You-Topia and to which extent these will contribute to one's progression. The whole video will be followed by a voice-over narrator making it look as a tutorial-alike promotional video. Since this is the worst moment of the year for shooting (cold and not much daylight) we will probably extend our shooting session to another day, still not planned.

We have chosen our "hero quote" from the lyrics of this memorable Lou Reed's song:
"[...] You are going to reap just what you sow".

The You-Topia crew wish you a "Perfect Day".