Friday, December 5, 2014

Future of media companies, week 48

The way we came up with or product was by looking a different social and technical trends that will emerge in the future. Our product is a solution for the media business to work around that people illegally share files and an adaptation the the society 2025. So for us to explain the product we also needed to explain the society the product will work in and also the technical developments merged with the society 2025. This are the main reasons why our product will interact with the users the way it does. So this week we have been working on finishing the report. Trying to in an interesting way explain our conclusion of the media business in 2015. How and why the product will work in 2025. Last week we divided up different parts in the group to write about. The main thing this week was to rewrite and go through the text to make it interesting and understandable for the reader. 

We have also created pictures to use in the report, so the reader easily could get the picture of how the product is working. We have made one example of the advertisement features in the product, that differs a lot from todays advertisement. The picture blow is an example of how the platform will look like. 

For next week we have decided dates on when to film the different scenes and when to edit the movie. We will also keep working on the final presentation. 

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  1. Sounds like you have gained momentum in your group, after a rocky start. It sounds good to me, and that you now have a specific product to offer as a solution. It's good that you briefly will explain what the society will look like when this product will be used. Smart to divide up the group in order to get more work done and be more efficient. Keep up the good work!