Friday, December 5, 2014

Shenergy - the Future of a Sustainable Shared Economy (Week 49)

What we have done
This week we have focused on finishing the report and continue editing the movie for the final presentation. We have played around in the editing programs and looked on YouTube-tutorials to learn how to do create different effects when editing the movie. Except for that, we have written the final manuscript for the voice over that a friend of ours will read. Also, we have started listening through music that we are going to use in the movie. Further we have been working with the images for the report, deciding which ones we want to include and creating some new ones. We have come up with a rough idea about our live presentation which will include some roleplay. We have discussed how to integrate the movie in the presentation. One idea was to cut the movie into two parts for the presentation, one explaining the scenario and the other more informative. The thought behind this is to be able to show one part and then explain the concept further before showing the second part.

We have also been to the proofreading session where we read through some other groups’ reports and we also got feedback on our.

What we will do
Now when the report is done we have planned to focus on the movie and the final presentation. During the weekend and next week we will finish the movie, making the final cuts and adding the last effects. This evening the voice over for the movie will be recorded and hopefully added to the movie during the weekend. We still have to create some illustrations for the movie and also add all the animations that we want to show. Regarding the final presentation we will write a manuscript for the roleplay and divide roles.

Challenges encountered
Editing the movie is far more time consuming than we expected, we realise that we will have to spend days and nights working with this to be able to finish it before next friday.  Since we have not made that many movies before we have realized that we should have done a couple of more shots of some of the scenes. We have a lot of material but one of the scenes we have filmed has some flaws that we missed when recording.

Changes in the project
No major changes have been done in the project more than split the movie as mentioned, into two different parts, one as an introduction and the other one as an information-movie. Since this division will work better with our presentation plans.

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